Nestlé Alimentarium

Nestlé Alimentarium

Nestle Alimentarium

The Alimentarium founded by Nestlé is the world’s first-ever food-themed museum. The foundation has been sharing a global and independent view of the many aspects of the human diet. Its multidisciplinary, cultural, historical, scientific and nutritional-focused approach and its bold and original programme of activities have established the Alimentarium as a reference on food.

The reference of food

The Alimentarium continues to blaze a trail by promoting new ways of learning, sharing and teaching, made accessible worldwide through digital technologies. The new-generation Alimentarium invites everyone to discover food and nutrition according to their particular preferences, with both an on-site and virtual visit to the Museum! The Alimentarium Food Museum is making its expertise widely available by offering a service aimed at everyone, from the novice to the more seasoned member of the public. As a place of learning and exchange, the Food Museum cooks up a daily menu of activities linked with food and nutrition. The Alimentarium Academy is designed for teachers, pupils from 8 to 16 years old and their parents. Teaching material, educational games and videos prepared by experts make learning about food and nutrition fun and engaging!

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