Swiss Leadership Camp and Pupil&Co student ambassador Robyn is the No.3 British Alpine Champion skiing under 14 year and the fastest female skier in the UAE. Robyn writes an open letter to her future self and shares it with you. Get Robyn’s cap.

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Robyn’s letter to her future self: Robyn, remember the early mornings, the late nights and all the effort in between? 5AM and you’re fighting the comfort of your bed and the snooze button. Do you sit up, put your feet on the floor and start working towards your dreams, or do you stay in bed in fantasyland? Be ready. The unexpected awaits at every turn. Carry on. Remember that every hurdle is there to help you learn and grow. Prep your skis when others have left to party. Do your homework while others sleep. Workout, even when you think you can’t. You can. You’re not a victim of circumstance. You make your own choices. You know why you’re in the game. To give your all, at every turn, with every heartbeat, and despite any setback. To go faster on the racecourse and to live life to the max. To look into the mirror with pride, knowing that you gave your very best. Life exposes you to the unexpected and the rough. Not to hurt but to be that star, to rise beyond and to go for glory. The biggest challenge is not the mountain, it’s not the altitude, your opponents or anything else. It’s your attitude, your drive. The biggest challenge lies within, and so does the greatest victory. A victory not defined by a podium, medals, or applause, but by your never-ending quest to be the best you can be. 5 AM.
Remember Robyn, victory is in your hands.
Go Rise and Shine.

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We distinguish ourselves by designing and implementing leadership programmes that are characterised as fun-filled experiences with extensive feedback, reflection and evaluations. The specific student leadership series are developed in cooperation with some of the best schools around the world, talented students and well known school councils. The Swiss Leadership Camp is specifically designed for school groups and is no everyday summer or winter course. We are known for the absolute pinnacle of leadership development and our senior trainers have the privilege to work with students from the best and most recognised schools around the world.

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