Episode 19: Sigg mail time surprises at Summer Camp

Mail time at summer camp! Students of the Champittet Summer Leadership Camp are pleasantly surprised with a gift from one of their partners! Find the amazing SIGG water bottles here: https://sigg.com

Just like the camp SIGG is born in Switzerland. They make the coolest and highest quality water bottles and they support these fantastic future leaders! Staying well hydrated during camp (and life!) is key for maximum performance so a water bottle is essential to pack. Our bodies simply function better while well hydrated, and because camp is full of leadership sessions and fun physical activities, water is a key to success! Students must have a water bottle with them at all times during camp in order to drink enough, and this big mission was made possible by SIGG. Thanks, SIGG!

Swiss International Leadership Academy

The Swiss Leadership Camp is a leadership institute of reference and specialises in the best leadership programmes and exciting school and summer camps to develop students’ professional and personal skills.

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A unique and exciting school trip for the best international schools

We distinguish ourselves by designing and implementing leadership programmes that are characterised as fun-filled experiences with extensive feedback, reflection and evaluations. The specific student leadership series are developed in cooperation with some of the best schools around the world, talented students and well known school councils. The Swiss Leadership Camp is specifically designed for school groups and is no everyday summer or winter course. We are known for the absolute pinnacle of leadership development and our senior trainers have the privilege to work with students from the best and most recognised schools around the world.

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